Amel Dawib Fenik

Jan.13, 2004 – Sept. 25, 2019

The Amel Award is named after our late Raheeq volunteer sister. May Allah bless her soul and shower her with his abundant blessings. Sister Amel was a role model of a young Muslimah who grew up in the service of Islam. Dedicated to the mission of Raheeq, Amel was a committed volunteer and promoter of Raheeq competition since its inception. To commemorate her virtuous efforts and devotion, Raheeq team decided to name the Feature Award of each year after her name. We hope by doing so we help motivate our new generations to follow suite and grow up in the service of Islam.

Amel Award Rules:

    1. Contestants will be tested on the memorization of Surat Ash-Shu’ara.
    2. Performance is based on memorization, tarteel (rules of tajweed) and pronunciation. Tajweed Percentage will be decided by the judges based on age and general performance.