Recitation Program – Online


Another certificate that we provide is a Certificate of Completion of the Correct Recitation. This course is for those students who already completed their Quran 100 & Quran 200 Courses or they already have some basic knowledge of Arabic. In this course the students will add beauty to their recitation of Qur’an. The students will receive extra attention from our well qualified teacher to improve overall flow of recitation. This certificate is provided without a narration chain (Sanad). It states that the participant has completed the recitation of the Holy Qur’an with accuracy and according to the proper Tajweed rules, and that he/she is able to teach others. Yet, the holder of this certificate is NOT fully authorized to provide an Ijazah to others.

Course Requirements
To attain this certificate;

  1. Participant should be able to read Arabic
  2. Participant should complete the recitation of the entire Qur’an with a qualified teacher
  3. Participant might have to complete more than one Khatmah in order to be eligible to attain this certificate
  4. Participant should complete the theoretical Tajweed course and successfully pass all tests
  5. Participant should pass the final recitation test with a minimum of 85%, Memorization is NOT required for this certificate.
  6. Additional learning resources on selected tajweed rulings will also be provided.
  7. 80% Recitation & 20% Interpretation.


We are pleased to have highly qualified teachers deliver this program to our students. It’s a customized program to help each student individually. Students learn how to read & recite Qur’an with basic understanding of Arabic letters with Tajweed rules.

Class time

This program is delivered in One-on-One online class format, once OR twice OR three times a week (time and day to be coordinated with the teacher).

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  • PLAN A – one-on-one class – 1/2 hour once a week – $65 monthly fee for 9 months (automatic withdrawal)
  • PLAN B – one-on-one class – 1/2 hour twice a week – $110 monthly fee for 9 months (automatic withdrawal)