General Policies and Guidelines
Admission to Raheeq Institute is open to all students ages 6 and up. The institute does
not discriminate in enrollment based on race, age, gender, religion, or national origin.
However, Raheeq institute may decline to admit a student(s) with special education or
language needs that the institute is not equipped to adequately address. Enrollment is
on a first–come, first basis and continues until all available spots are filled in each
For a new student to be considered fully registered at Raheeq Institute, parents must
take the following steps:
1. Sign into MAC parent portal (available on our website). Sign up. Add all the children
or yourself, to register. Once you have finished this step, you will register each person
separately. This includes an acknowledgement that the parents have read and will
abide by the policies included in the Parent-Student Handbook.
2. Pay the school fees according to the course chosen.
3. Pay the appropriate student fees.
4. Pay for the required books and or online programs.
4. New students enrolling will be administered a placement and placed in the class best
suits their needs. This will be done at the discretion of the staff member administering
the placement test.
Tuition Schedule
Raheeq Institute is a private learning institute. Tuition fees are based on course type.
Course fees do not include educational material. This is a separate cost and can be
purchased through the Raheeq website. Course fee types are based on course type
and are per semester (9 months). Fees are subject to change at the beginning of each
school semester without notice. You may refer to the website for fee change updates.
As Raheeq institute is currently providing learning in an online setting, school hours are
based on the availability of teachers. Each class duration can be anywhere from 30 min
to 3 hours depending on the course type.
Cancelation Policy
In the event you should choose to withdraw from a program, an email must be sent to
the school administrator. Please include in the email the first and last name and course
name of the individual leaving. You must notify the school administrator no less than 30
days before the next payment withdrawal date. Failure to do this will result in non-refund
for the school amount withdrawn.
All fee types are charged directly to your credit card automatically. School semester is 9
months from start to finish.

Placement Test Policy
New students are required to have a placement test. Once a student is registered, a
staff member will reach out to you to book a placement test. You will be required to
arrange with the staff member to book a day and time for your child’s placement test. All
testing must be done by September 11 th .

Student Absences
When a child is absent, the parent must notify the teacher before classes begin.
Absences caused by personal illness, approved religious holidays, or emergencies will
be excused. In case of extended leave, for example due to an illness, parents must
inform the teacher and administration in writing. The tuition for the period of absence
must continue to be paid in accordance with the instalment agreement. The student will
be responsible to make up any work missed during his/her absence.

Student Attendance
Good attendance is important, and students are requested to attend their classes on
time whether they are in person or online. If a student arrives to class late, he/she is
marked as late. Late arrival will be noted on each student’s attendance record.
Academic Policies and Procedures Report Cards & Progress Reports
Students will receive one progress report and 1 report card.
Parent/Teacher conferences are held 2 times a year. Otherwise, parents should request
meetings with teachers as needed.