FREE Sisters’ Ramadan Workshop

Get Ramadan Ready!
Online Lecture of two sessions  by Ustadhah Gehad Sananeery, a knowledgeable, educational consultant and passionate.. Recommended for sisters looking to maximise the blessed month of Ramadan.


Our Ramadan workshop covers practical tips on how to be productive and maximise this blessed month.
The workshop will also cover:
– pre-Ramadan preparation
– the significance of Ramadan in particular
– why we fast and the benefits of fasting
– looking at what the Prophet (PBUH), the companions and the righteous would do in this month
– broadly looking at some of the main issues (pertaining women) and rules with regards to fasting

Know your speaker

Sister Gehad Sananeery has an IJAZA for reciting and teaching Qur’an with a related naration to the prophet (PBUH), and has a Diploma in teaching Qur’an from the institute for Qur’an teachers ( Saudi Arabia), she is a Qur’an, Tafseer,aAqeedah and Fiqh teacher 2007~present,  and a Qur’an Tutorial Assistant for Non~Arabs at islamic Online University.

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