QUR’AN 300
TAHFEEZ (Memorization)
Group Learning Program


Our Online Qur’an Memorization Program caters for children and adults of all ages and both genders. People think that memorizing the Holy Qur’an and mastering Tajweed rules might be a challenge. However, with sincerity, commitment, determination, along with the help of our highly trained Qur’an tutors, this goal can be smoothly reached.

A- Learning Outcomes
This program includes three packages to choose from, based on the student’s memorization potentials;

  1. students will memorize five lines per week
  2. students will memorize about 7.5 lines per week
  3. students will memorize ONE page per week


Review sessions of the previously memorized Suras will be included. Students will learn a simplified translation of all memorized Suras. Mid-term and end-of-the-term exams to evaluate the level of the student. Certificates of completion will be provided to those who successfully pass the final exam.


Registration opens on August 15

B- Program Requirements
– 7 year old and above
– Able to read from the Qur’an on his/her own
– Able to memorize one line or more from the Qur’an in 20 minutes or less

C- Course Details
– Small class size (Max. 5 Students)
– Saturday 11:00 – 12:30 and Tuesday 5:00 – 6:00
– To stay connected and maximize the educational benefits, we allocated 1.5 hours on the weekend for the main lesson and additional one hour on the weekdays for homework assignments and follow up during the week.


Course duration is 8 months (Sept. 18 – May 21)

D- Fees:

  • $65 /month (Fee includes educational materials – Automatic withdrawals for 8 months)