Qur’an 100    Ages 11 – 15



Bidaya Reading Book Bidaya Reading Book is a supplementary source for learners in Arabic & English. It includes 50 extra words for each lesson in the Student Book. It helps learners to improve their reading skill. Teachers, in addition, benefits from it as an extra word bank in lesson planning and groups activities.

This book is a student-friendly presentation of the 30th Juz or part of the Qur’an.  It has large and clear color-coded Arabic text and the translation in two column format.  In this book, each surah begins with a short introduction. The surah is followed by explanation of the verses based on the authentic commentary. A “words to know” section provides root and derivatives of several key words used in the surah. This is further elaborated into a word-to-word meaning of the entire surah. This is followed by an “Application of the Message” section where the overall theme of the surah is highlighted in a manner thatstudentbcan now apply the message of the surah in their everyday lives. The chapter ends with several review questions to help students refocus on the teachings of the surah and reinforce the materials learned. * Page: 216