Raheeq Competition Rules

1. A contestant can only register in one level.
2. Each level will have a quota. Once the maximum number is reached, the registration for such level will be closed. Candidates will have to choose a different level if available.
3. Candidates who do not register before the deadline will not qualify to participate in the competition.
4. Registration deadline is Monday, March 18, 2024 at midnight.
5. Registration is only available online. Please register at https://www.raheeq.ca/competition-registration/
6. Incorrect date of birth may disqualify the contestant.
7. During testing, contestant may be asked to recite any part(s) of the Surah(s) that he/she has memorized.
8. Performance is based on memorization, tarteel (rules of tajweed) and pronunciation. Tajweed Percentage will be decided by the judges based on age and general performance.
9. In case of a tie, a second round will be held to determine the winner.
10. Participants can’t be Imams or Qur’an teachers by profession.
11. Previous winners of the entire Qur’an award can only participate in the Amel Award level and Khateeb Feature Award.
12. Testing will be held in a physical location Insha’Allah. Only contestants outside of Edmonton will be completing the test through a virtual tool. Testing days will be from Saturday March 30 to Sunday March 31. Contestants will be notified of their time slots prior to the event.
13. In case of any unforeseen circumstances or technical challenges, date and time might change. In such a circumstance participants will be notified.
14. Winners’ list will be announced shortly after the testing. The ceremony date will be announced at the a later time.
15. Raheeq organizers reserve the right to dismiss, cancel and/or disqualify any participant without any liability at any time, with immediate effect. This includes, but is not limited to, any participant who tampers with the operation of the competition or competition site or violates the terms and conditions, or any other applicable laws and regulations or provides false information.
16. Participants have NO right to object, reject, or decline the judges’ ruling. Judges’ rulings will be final. Should participants have any concerns, they can be addressed with the organizers.
17. Participants must be Canadian residents.
18. Registration fees are not refundable.
19. Participants must agree to the terms and conditions of the competition.
20. For further information and/or ticket purchase, please contact (780) 905-9438 or email info@raheeq.ca